Dj mixes by Paul Cassella aka Djdealeyo


Hi and welcome to your place for dj mix extrodeneur Paul Cassella aka Djdealeyo. Check out  my latest dj mixes.

My motivation is breaking new music. If you navigate through my site you will find all of the latest in hiphop, R&B, reggae, house, dance, club, trance, hard dance, electro, trap, and other music genre’s that form. It’s always the latest and most of the time it’s unknown That’s what makes my mixes unique.I hope you enjoy them . Feel free to  download any of my mixes free of charge. I only ask that you help me out by sharing them with people you know and commenting below.

Over the past 21 years i’ve been posting mixes on this website. I even visit this site myself sometimes as it’s become a time capsule for music.  Over 3100 artists have appeared on my mixes.

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Paul also teaches disc jockeys.  Check out my new school to learn it’s easy, it’s affordable. Full Fill the dream


We are quickly approaching 300 mixes in all music genres. My mixes are posted here and all over the internet.  Check out these other sites for my hiphop mixes and house mixes